Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Día Treinta

Ayer fuimos a ‘Le petit Auberge’ por la cena y entonces fuimos a Slim Jims. Slim Jims es un bar de whisky. Bebí Amaretto Sours. Fueron deliciosos. La música en el bar fue muy bueno. El bar fue muy oscuro. No he ido antes. Me gustaria volver.


  1. Get you drinking the hard stuff! Where was the bar? I'm almost looking forward to the New Year so I can stop drinking booze, my liver will be grateful. May your improving Spanish long continue into 2010!x

  2. It was on upper street. It's new. It's brilliant. It reminds me of a bar in Leeds me and Gav used to frequent in the old days. Let me know when you fancy getting drunk and we can go! I don't think my cocktail actually contained whisky, just amaretto and 'gomme' whatever that is. Hope you are drinking tonight to see the new year in. I've already been on the bucks fizz :)